Share Information

Employers and employees can actively educate about sustainable transportation options by:

  • Posting flyers or creating space on the employer webpage to highlight the benefitsĀ of ridesharing, bicycling, walking, public transit, and telecommuting.
  • Providing information on starting a rideshare network or getting involved with an existing network like NH Rideshare.
  • Having space either on the employer’s website or in a break room for employees to set up rideshare networks or to socialize with other employees who bicycle or walk to work.
  • Creating a rideshare bulletin board or electronic list serv.

For more information about publicizing alternative transportation options in the workplace visit:

It All Adds Up, which is a public education and partnership building initiative developed by several federal agencies for the purpose of informing the public about the impact of transportation on traffic and air quality.

The It All Adds Up website provides free commercial-quality promotional materials that emphasize simple, convenient actions people can take to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion.

Learn how to save money, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, help free up congested roads, and live a healthier, less stressful lifestyle at Commute Smart NH.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute provides resources for Travel Demand Management Marketing programs and strategies, which investigate the types of transportation services people want, id barriers to alternative modes, and promote use of efficient transport options.