Business Benefits of TDM

By initiating and promoting Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies, an employer can increase worker productivity and save on costs relating to health issues or worker retention issues. TDM strategies can improve employee morale by increasing flexibility on how employees can get to work. It also provides employers a way to provide more salary and wage value to the worker when employees are encouraged to engage in less expensive commutes to work.

In addition to benefits to employees, TDM strategies can help employers save costs by reducing demand for parking areas, saving on employee travel expenses and taking advantage of employer tax deductions for vanpooling programs and bicycling programs. Finally, businesses and employers can improve or elevate their green image through TDM strategies.

By educating and encouraging employees about TDM benefits, starting programs, engaging in public-private partnerships and offering incentives an employer is making a significant contribution to improving the air quality, health, and quality of life of its community.