MAST Documents
Action Plan (2021-2030)
Charter (January 16, 2019)
Carsharing: An Alternative to Private Vehicle Ownership
Employer Guide to Promoting Alternative Transportation
MAST Presentations
Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan and Economic Impact StudyDelivered by Phil Goff of Alta Planning + Design in February 2019.
Innovations in Bicycle Planning & Facility DesignDelivered by Phil Goff of Alta Planning + Design in January 2018.
MAST Recent Activities Delivered by Michael Acerno, Mari Brunner, Liz Kelly, Will Schoefmann, Susy Thielen, and Henry Underwood in January 2017.
MAST Upcoming ProjectsDelivered by Mari Brunner and Henry Underwood in January 2017.
Statewide Transportation InitiativesDelivered by Rebecca Harris in January 2017.
Carsharing in Keene and the Monadnock Region. Delivered by Lisa Donnelly in September 2016.
MRTMA Progress Review & Complete Streets Overview. Delivered by J. B. Mack in May 2011.
MRTMA Action Plan – Goal 1: Increase Transportation Options in the Region. Delivered by J. B. Mack & Tara Germond in September 2011.
 NH Climate Action Plan – The Land Use and Transportation Connection. Delivered by Chris Skogland of NH DES in April 2010.