Volunteer Driver Case Study

Joanne Martin

Jaffrey resident Joanne Martin is unable to drive. Each week, Joanne was spending approximately $180 on taxi fares to get to and from Keene and Peterborough. After hearing about the volunteer driver service provided by the American Red Cross from her hospital, Martin has not had to worry about this financial burden.

Martin says that “The Red Cross has been excellent. The drivers have been wonderful. Carpooling is not a problem…I cannot express enough gratitude for this service.”

Sheila Bay

After having surgery on both of her arms, Temple resident Sheila Bay was unable to drive for an extended period of time. Living in a rural area significantly limited her options for getting around. Without a ride, she could not shop for groceries or get to her doctors appointments. Essentially, she felt like she could not do anything. Sheila relied on her five adult children and friends and neighbors for rides. Over time, she felt like her ride requests were wearing out her family and friends. However, she did not have the resources to use taxi services five to six times a week. It was not until Sheila heard about Contoocook Valley Transportation Company (CVTC)’s volunteer driver service from a member of her church that she could regain some measure of independence. CVTC would take her when and where she needed to go.

“CVTC was really a life-saver. I really did not know what to do.”   -Sheila Bay