Complete Streets Policies

A complete streets policy ensures that transportation agencies routinely design and operate the entire right-of-way to enable safe access for all users: Drivers, transit users, bicyclists and pedestrians, including older people, children, and people with disabilities.

Complete streets policies should be flexible to fit the vision and needs of the community, and can be accomplished through a variety of ways: ordinances and resolutions; rewrites of design manuals; inclusion in comprehensive plans; internal memos from directors of transportation agencies; policies adopted by city and county councils; and executive orders from elected officials, such as Mayors or Governors.

For more information and resources related to complete streets policies, please visit the National Complete Streets Coalition’s Complete Streets Policy Elements webpage.

There are seven communities in New Hampshire that have developed Complete Streets Policies for their towns. Click the links below to see what their policies looked like:

> Portsmouth

> Concord

> Keene

> Dover

> Swanzey

> Hinsdale

> Troy