Bike & Walk Case Studies

Green Bikes Program

The Green Bike Program in Keene is an excellent example of an alternative community transportation solution that meets transportation needs through the efficiencies of bicycle transportation and the public library system.  The Green Bike Program was initiated in 2002 by Keene State College and Keene High School students with a handful of bikes. Over the years the Program has evolved to the point that thirty Green Bikes are available for loan to the community through the Program.

Bike racks at the Keene State College’s Mason Library are stocked with bicycles that are maintained by Keene State College and painted in a recognizable green. When a community member needs to use a bike they can check out the bike with their Keene State College or Keene Public Library card. Use of the bikes is completely free of charge– It is much like checking out a book. When a participant is done, they simply return the bike to the library. Helmets are also available for rental.

Source: Keene State College

Craig Burns

“I miss it when I don’t walk. I would recommend it to anyone.”
-Craig Burns

Craig Burns is an Aftermarket Service salesman at Filtrine Mfg. Co in Keene, NH. For the past six years he has walked three miles to and from work each way every day. Prior to working at Filtrine he used to drive as much as an hour to get to work. Once his children were old enough to drive, his family was faced with the challenge of sharing two cars among four drivers. It was at this point that he decided he worked close enough to home to walk.

Craig, a former physical therapist, recognized the multiple health benefits provided by the extra exercise. Since he started walking, his blood pressure has dropped significantly and he is able to use his 45 minute walking commute to organize his thoughts, meditate or just unwind. He values this time so much that he prefers walking to biking, which reduce his meditation time.

Craig walks to work even in the winter. He notes that walking during this time of year can be challenging if the sidewalks are not plowed. However, if he ever needs a ride he can rely on his wife or children who work and live nearby.